Of the hemp that is grown in the US, 23% is used for CBD products. The approval of the farm bill would allow hemp to be covered by crop insurance, which would in turn make Wallstreet more likely to invest. A huge boom in the CBD industry is expected once the farm bill is approved, with some projections putting the value of the CBD market at $22 billion by 2022. Such an explosion of production would bring CBD more into the mainstream culture, which would likely mean more public knowledge, less fear, and better regulations, all of which would be wins for CBD and its users.

‘From The Dea’S Perspective, Cbd Is Still A Schedule I Substance’

The DEA says that these parts of the plant aren’t likely to be high in cannabinoids, but if oil extracted from these parts still contains trace amounts of cannabinoids, that’s legal. Texas also has the Compassionate Use Program, which allows doctors to prescribe “Low-THC Cannabis” for just one condition currently.

Many CBD advocates are pinning their hopes on the 2018 farm bill, which was recently passed by the House and Senate, and is only waiting for presidential approval. The bill would legalize hemp cultivation, removing hemp from the federal government’s list of controlled substances. Currently, industrial hemp growing is limited to research purposes and pilot programs, and some of the US’ demands for hemp are supplemented with hemp imported from Canada, Europe, and China.

  • Mazanet also cautions that not all CBD products are created equally, or with any consistent manufacturing standards.
  • Springer says even dispensaries in states with medical marijuana are not always the most reliable source.
  • “The thing that’s most important is that physicians don’t send their patients elsewhere,” she says.
  • Springer urges physicians to encourage their patients to do their research before purchasing products and to acquaint themselves with quality brands for those patients who are determined to buy them.
  • That being said, Mazanet accepts that patients who want CBD products are going to get them, and feels that physicians should try to work with these patients.

Look For Products Low In Thc

It’s clear that people don’t quite know where to place CBD in the cultural landscape. But the truth is CBD just isn’t as sensational as everyone seems to want it to be.

With a single exception, this entire product sector cannot legally market itself as medically better than the hyped placebos it’s competing against. Hopefully clearer laws, better regulation, and more general understanding are on their way soon.

For example in Texas where GRAV is headquartered, only certain forms of CBD are legal. Both federally and at a state level, certain parts of the cannabis plant are excluded from the legal definition of Marijuana, making any oils derived from those parts of the plant legal as well.

While many producers of hemp-derived CBD insist otherwise and do in fact operate with relative impunity when compared to people who grow cannabis, the DEA doesn’t formally recognize the distinction, and many retailers don’t either. CBD gummies Even for CBD products that are made and dosed correctly and that do work, there’s an additional hurdle.