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The next day, it wouldn’t boot up at all and I had to take notes by hand. I’m not impressed with this one, but I still like the availability of a touchscreen. Touch sensitivity can be problematic, especially if apps are poorly developed. A touchscreen can add $300 or more to the price of a laptop. The 14” touchscreen laptop in the office weighs 3.5 pounds, a half-pound more than my 14” laptop without a touchscreen. I’m on the go all the time, working from offices and conference rooms.

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Every time I’ve left it for a few hours, it instantly wakes and Windows Hello logs me in before I’ve even got the kickstand fully in position. With most of the hardware unchanged from the outside, it’s really the internals of the Surface Pro 7 that have changed once again this year. Microsoft has placed Intel’s 10th Gen processors inside the Pro 7, and you can pick between a Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7 variant. I’ve been using the Surface Pro 6 with an 8th Gen Core i7 over the past year, and I’ve been impressed with its performance.

It’s equally impressive here, and the Surface Pro 7 remains silent even during times when I pushed it with some video editing. Like always with the Surface Pro, the keyboard isn’t bundled so you’ll also need to spend at least $129.99 on a Surface Type Cover. Without it you’re just getting a tablet, and it’s definitely not the primary way you’ll use the Surface Pro 7. Microsoft also sells covers with Alcantara fabric for $159.99, and there are a few new color options this year. I’ve been testing the poppy red Type Cover, which looks like a fall mix of red and orange. Combined with the Type Cover, the realistic entry price is $878.99 for the Core i3 model.

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  • Now there is access to all 11 of the Philips screws that hold the housing of the Mesa 3 Windows together.
  • That seal sits loosely in its groove, so make sure it’s seated properly whenever you open and close the battery compartment.
  • Below to the left you can see how the four sturdy gray/orange corner bumpers of the tablet come off after undoing two small Philips screws each.
  • Underneath the bumpers are four anchored metal clips that serve as lanyard loops.

You can also purchase an optional Surface Pen for $99.99. All told, the rig I’ve been testing tallies up to two pennies shy of $1,360. Thankfully, Microsoft has finally added USB-C this time around and the performance and general usability has improved as you’d expect with the latest generation processors and hardware. I just wish the Surface Pro 7 looked like a Surface Pro X with an Intel chip inside. The performance on the unit I’m testing has been inconsistent.

Control any room, the entire home or facility, conveniently from any of our beautiful, stylish touch screen or remote control. That’s practically the same as my experience with last year’s Surface Pro 6. I’ve been using that device regularly, and it’s mostly enough to cover you for a day of work, but you’ll always need the charger with you just in case. I’m hoping the Surface Pro X will offer the ability to not have to carry around a charger as much, and here’s hoping that Microsoft improves the main Pro hardware next time around. I’ve also noticed that instant on seems to finally be working with the Surface Pro 7. Even the quick resume on the Surface Pro 6 wasn’t always snappy as you’d have to wait for the Windows Hello camera to wake up occasionally. The Surface Pro 7 feels different and far more responsive.

The Surface provides me lightweight flexibility for compute power. I hate doing write-ups like these because I see the potential with Surface Duo. In fact, when I’m chillin’ on the couch at night and need only to watch Twitch or YouTube TV or browse Twitter or look at Instagram or catch-up on news, it’s pretty great. Having two screens this close to one another that move around with a really cool hinge system is an experience I could totally get used to. Microsoft also really needs to work with developers to get more apps into the dual-screen mode. None of Google’s apps that I tested work in split screen or across both displays.

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As someone who doesn’t really use a single Microsoft service, this basically eliminates one of their biggest demo features. This could be a hardware issue, but not since the Essential Phone (2nd reference!) have I used a device that felt this behind each swipe or that failed to register this many touches. For a device with two screens, it shouldn’t be hard to nail the notification experience, but this has been one of the most frustrating areas.